uukka Koistinen made his debut on international TV by announcing a sold out Mikkel Kessler world title fight in Denmark in 2009, it was a remarkable year career-wise as he had just made his tv-debut in Finnish television just a few months earlier. He took the fight fans by storm and has been Team Sauerland's designated announcer ever since. Thus far Tuukka has hosted events for millions of viewers in Denmark, Germany, England, Belgium and Finland, which have been broadcast to over 100 countries world wide, appearing on such channels as Showtime, SkySports, ARD, RTL, BoxNation, EuroSports and Viasat, just to name a few.



edication are the main two factors that are the foundations of his success as a ring announcer. He always enters the ring very well prepared and pays regard to details. He has annouced for live audiences varying from few hudred spectators to 15000. He has got the skill and the will to deliver an entertaining and classy performance everytime. Tuukka has introduced many great fighters and legends including many world title fights, and worked alongside such legends as Jimmy Lennon jr. and Michael Buffer.




s a huge boxing fan he closely follows the sport and blogs about it.

Currently he hosts Scandinavia's number one boxing show Nordic Fight Night, televised by ViaSat and promoted by Team Sauerland, on monthly basis. For further information and inquiries do not hesitate to contact! Find the contact details either here or from the front page